Fun News for un-fun Times

Despite it being a scary time, a lot of good and joy and silliness is still happening all over the world, so let's get right to it. 



 1. A quarantined couple in London built an art gallery for their gerbils and their curating and mini-painting skills are seriously on-point. (link)


2. Coronavirus has been a boon for Zoom-background-creativity. (link)


3. Our partner schools, SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Cobbleskill are among MANY, MANY other schools who are to be heartily commended for helping out with COVID-19 relief efforts. The SUNY schools are using 3D printers to make face shields. (link)


4. The Shedd Aquarium Penguins emerged as the first stars of the Quarantine Era, and show no signs of slowing down, thankfully. (link to the Shedd's YouTube page)


5. After social distancing kicked in, UK McDonald's released their recipe for the Egg McMuffin to placate a burgeoning group of do-it-yourselfers who were trying to figure out how it's done. (link)


6. Russia's Mikhailovsky Ballet posted this video of their dancers performing their routines from home. For some reason, their talent seemed so much more apparent to me while seeing it performed in everyday clothes. 



7. I wouldn't be shocked if this is turns out to be a hoax, but until then it's pretty awesome. 


Dolphins Get Excited As Sloth Is Placed Outside Their Enclosure

8. Did you just learn that dolphins smiling at three toed sloths is something you enjoy? ME TOO! The Texas State Aquarium invited a sloth friend over to keep his aquatic friends company during lockdown, and I'm glad they did. There are a bunch of great photos in the link. (link)


9.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium Otter Cam isn't related to COVID-19 but it feels a lot more helpful nowadays, so I am adding it to the list. 


10. Pollution has also been social-distancing apparently, as pollution levels are down drastically       (link)


Coursedog CEO Justin Wenig (Photoshopped- but barely)

11. Pet adoptions are at an all-time high (link). A Chicago animal shelter ran out of adoptable dogs for the first time ever (link). 


And a few memes:















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