Registrar Challenges & Helpful Resources

One of the most frustrating parts of being a Registrar is that information often seems siloed off and difficult to obtain. Student Information Systems (SIS) requires you to dig for information and constantly rack your brain to remember things like SCACRSE and PSFLDDEFN. If you're using a Homegrown Student Information System, you may even have the frustration of being forced to interact with an old clunky system and constantly begging your IT team for integrations that are difficult or impossible to perform. 

However, while we all know how difficult it is to be a Registrar (especially during peak load times), it is often overlooked how difficult it is to receive help as a Registrar. When something goes wrong, or if a Registrar has a critical question that is not easily answerable by someone on campus, it is critical that they can communicate with someone that has experience and expertise. 

One way that Registrars can ask for help is through registrar listservs. Many Registrars create listservs so that they can contact one another and inquire about issues. The most popular one is hosted by Georgia State and holds more than 1500 members. Anyone can join this listserv, ask and answer questions and learn from the community. Communities of Registrars often develop their own Listservs - for example Registrars at the State University New York schools have created ListServs so that they can easily connect with one another. 

Another way that Registrars can ask for help is through building their own personal network at conferences. Large conferences such as Ellucian Live allow Registrars to forge valuable connections and meet individuals that may be incredibly helpful in the future. Vendors such as Digarc also hold events to bring in Registrars that can then connect with each other and share information about their use of products. While both of these options may be expensive, they are undoubtedly a helpful way for a Registrar to stay at the bleeding edge of knowledge in a fast-changing Higher Education environment. 

Perhaps the most useful resource for Registrars is AACRAO, which hosts its own conference and events. AACRAO is widely renowned as the thought leader in the Registrar space and is led by individuals who have had great success in the Registrars Office. It has quite a bit of great help material and support documentation.  









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