8 Ways Joe Exotic Would've Benefited from Coursedog’s Class Scheduler

1. Joe Exotic desperately needed a room optimizer for all of his tigers and animals. Lots of different cages, and animals in and out and growing and moving around. Having an inventory of what size and types of cages were available, and when, would help ensure maximum comfort for the cats, and optimize their feline success.

2. Let's be honest, Coursedog's Modern interface and sleek UI really could have helped both the park and Joe Exotic. 



3. He could have tracked workloads for any department or animal type: tigers, cubs, bears, chimps, etc. to ensure that no one was overworked and everyone’s work was commensurate with their preferences. 

4. Demand projections based on our analytics and his historical trends would have made sure to have the perfect number of seats and sections of his Tiger Shows so that they were never under- or overstaffed. 
5. Unfortunately, he’d use our scheduling rules enforcement, and preference forms for evil. Our preference forms let instructors request times they aren’t available to each, and list what courses they’d prefer to teach or not teach. If Joe’s employees ever wanted less than 70 hours, they wouldn’t be able to submit their schedules for his approval. 
6. Coursedog’s Late Change Request dashboard archives every submission, edit and vote for all change requests. Such detailed documentation would have come in handy for Joe trying to prove his innocence about allegedly agreeing to a workflow change for an employee to work remotely from Florida. In Coursedog’s system, it is all right there in writing and time-stamped.
7. Since Coursedog is Cloud-Hosted, a mysterious fire wouldn’t destroy any of your schedule; and as long as you still have your password and log in, you can log in from any other computer and pick up where you left off. 
8. Our smart rollover with suggestions is traditionally used by schools to allow them to toggle which components of their schedule they’d like to rollover.  For instance, if they want to use the same rooms for courses, but completely reshuffle the instructor assignments and section times- our smart rollover makes that a snap. 
Because our integration team works so closely with customer success, Joe could have had our team customize this feature for his outfits. 
Does he want to blindly rollover all of the accessories for all of his outfits for each use? Sure, the leather choker and baseball hat looked fierce with the multi-colored sequin leopard-print top this week, but should he tweak an accessory or two when he wears that top next- just to keep it fresh? Wouldn’t adding a feather boa next time accentuate the curls in his hair that he said are his main allure? 
Our smart rollover would save Joe a lot of time planning such important decisions so that he can spend more time playing with his tigers.
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